Object name: ARP113

Designation(s): ARP113, NGC0067, NGC0068, NGC0069, NGC0070, NGC0072, NGC0074, NGC0067A, NGC0072A,

Arp 113 is in the Arp class "Elliptical or Elliptical-like Galaxies close to perturbing spirals". In fact, it's the first entry in that class. There are so many galaxies in this grouping I don't know which are the perturbed spirals and who is doing the perturbing! Arp made no comment on this group to help with this question. The entire group is larger than my field though Arp only was concerned with the dense core. It is known as the VV166 group with 15 members. VV stands for; Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies. The group's average distance is just under 300 million light-years by redshift value. Many of the members are NGC galaxies. I've attached an annotated small image of the core to help identify this region. The galaxies, their classification (when known, "n/a" when not available) and their redshift distance are in the table below in millions of light-years.

NGC 67 E 290 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 67A E 270 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 68 SA0 240 Discovered September 11, 1784 by W. Herschel
NGC 69 SB(s)0 290 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 70 SB(s)0 310 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 71 SA0- pec 290 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 72 SB(rs)ab 320 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
NGC 72A E3 290
NGC 74 (R)SB0(rs)a? 310 Discovered October 7, 1855 by R. J. Mitchell
SRGb 062.050 n/a 330

Other galaxies in the image with red shift data:
CGCG 499-103 below SRGb 062.050 n/a 260 million light-years
CGCG 499-101 by bright yellow star upper right n/a 280 million light-years
CGCG 499-100 blue galaxy beyond CGCG 449-101 at upper edge Scd 210 MLY probably not a member
CGCG 499-099 blue spiral upper right corner S? 270 million light-years
NGC 76 Lower left edge S? 310 MLY Discovered September 22, 1884 by Guillaume bigourdan

Arp's image:

14" LX200R @ f/10, L=10x10' RGB=2x10', STL-11000XM, Paramount ME

Related Designation(s):

2MASS J00181217+3003200, 2MASS J00181847+3004179, 2MASS J00182050+3002239, 2MASS J00182257+3004463, 2MASS J00182811+3002259, 2MASS J00182833+3002263, 2MASS J00183434+3002105, 2MASS J00184940+3003423, 2MASX J00181219+3003195, 2MASX J00181851+3004185, 2MASX J00182051+3002235, 2MASX J00182252+3004465, 2MASX J00182837+3002265, 2MASX J00183435+3002106, 2MASX J00184929+3003436, 2MASXi J0018121+300320, 2MASXi J0018205+300223, 2MASXi J0018225+300446, 2MASXi J0018283+300226, 2MASXi J0018343+300210, 2MASXi J0018493+300341, ARK 005, ARK 006, ARP 113, ARP113, CGCG 0015.7+2946, CGCG 0015.7+2948, CGCG 0015.8+2949, CGCG 0015.9+2946, CGCG 0016.0+2945, CGCG 499-105, CGCG 499-106, CGCG 499-108, CGCG 499-109, CGCG 499-110, GALEXASC J001812.17+300320.0 , GALEXASC J001820.54+300224.0 , GALEXASC J001828.44+300227.0 , GALEXASC J001849.28+300341.7 , HDCE 0011 NED005, HDCE 0011 NED007, HOLM 006A, HOLM 006C, HOLM 006D, HOLM 006E, HOLM 006F, IC 1539, IRAS F00157+2948, LDCE 0012 NED014, LDCE 0012 NED016, LEDA 138159, LQAC 004+030 001, MAPS-PP O_1257_0202235A, MAPS-PP O_1257_0202235C, MAPS-PP O_1257_0202434, MAPS-PP O_1257_0213346, MCG +05-01-065, MCG +05-01-066, MCG +05-01-067, MCG +05-01-069, MCG +05-01-070, MCG +05-01-071, NGC 0067, NGC 0067A, NGC 0068, NGC 0069, NGC 0070, NGC 0072, NGC 0072A, NGC 0074, NGC0067, NGC0067A, NGC0068, NGC0069, NGC0070, NGC0072, NGC0072A, NGC0074, NPM1G +29.0011, NSA 126601, NSA 126608, NSA 126613, NSA 126615, NSA 126621, NSA 126627, NSA 126639, NVSS J001823+300439, PGC 001187, PGC 001191, PGC 001194, PGC 001204, PGC 001208, PGC 001219, RSCG 01:[WBJ2013] A, RSCG 01:[WBJ2013] B, RSCG 01:[WBJ2013] D, RSCG 01:[WBJ2013] E, SRGb 062.046, SRGb 062.052, SRGb 062.054, SRGb 062.055, SRGb 062.058, SRGb 062.061, SRGb 062.064, UGC 00170, UGC 00170 NOTES01, UGC 00174, UGC 00176, USGC U012 NED06, USGC U012 NED07, USGC U012 NED08, USGC U012 NED10, UZC J001818.4+300418, UZC J001822.6+300446, UZC J001828.4+300226, UZC J001834.3+300209, VV 166a, VV 166b, VV 166d, VV 166e, VV 166g, VV 166h, WBL 007-007, WBL 007-008, WBL 007-010, WBL 007-011, WBL 007-012, [HMS56] 0016.0+2946, [M98j] 003 NED01, [VCV2001] J001822.6+300446, [VCV2006] J001822.6+300446,