Object name: ARP150

Designation(s): ARP150, HCG95, NGC7609,

Arp 150 is part of the 4 galaxy group known as Hickson Compact Group 95 and is located about 500 million light-years away. Unfortunately, I was hit by clouds and only got one third the data I had wanted. I planned on getting the rest but forgot to put it on my list. I didn't realize I'd not gotten the data until too late. It didn't help that I had imaged the first night at 0.5" per pixel and never had a night after that, that was up to the needed seeing quality until I forgot about it. So the image below is very thin and noisy. Color data was very poor. It will have to do for now. I found this text comment about the group but the image it refers to was missing. I believe a is the top galaxy, c the middle one with b the lower left and d lower right. The suspected elliptical is very orange in color in my lousy color data as a distant elliptical "should" be. I could find nothing on it, however, not even a catalog name. While the curving arc is easily seen in my image I didn't get enough data to show the jet very well. It is the linear feature coming out of the "middle" spiral to a point just right of the core of the top elliptical. It shows better in Arp's photo.

In comparing the two I'm mystified by a faded object in my image. His photo shows a star-like object in the arc right above (in Arp's image -- left in mine) the big elliptical galaxy. While it appears to be bright enough to see clearly in my image it only shows very faintly. I don't know why. It also is seen well in the POSS II red and blue images. Apparently, I was hit by clouds even harder than I thought. Someday I'll redo this one.

The other two galaxies in the group are MCG +01-59-046 Sc spiral (right) and MCG +01-59-048 Scd spiral (left). Both are at about the same half billion light years as Arp 150.

Other galaxies in the image are anonymous as far as I can determine.

My thin data image is displayed at 0.5" per pixel rather than my normal 1".

14" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10x1 RGB=2x10x3, STL-11000XM, Paramount ME