Object name: ARP290

Designation(s): ARP290, IC0195, IC0196,

ARP 290 is classed by Arp as Group Character: Wind Effects. It does appear "wind blown". The small galaxy is IC 195, the wind blown one is IC 196. Both have a redshift consistent with a distance of about 155 million light years and are magnitude 14 and 13.6 respectively so within range of a 10" scope from a dark site. They are located in Aries.

IC 195 is classed as SAB0 while IC 196 is SBb. Both were discovered by Lewis Swift on October 20, 1889

The only somewhat blue galaxy in the image is SDSS J020352.74+144140.0 SE of Arp 290 3 minutes, just west of the nearby asteroid trail. It is 740 million light years away yet still somewhat blue. The little vertical galaxy below it is 2MASX J02035353+1440074 and IR galaxy at 740 million light years.

The tiny vertical galaxy above IC 196 is 421 million light years distant so not related to Arp 290.

Most interesting to me is 2MASX J02032466+1441521, another strong IR emitting galaxy. It is the "tiny" face on spiral to the west-southwest of Arp 290. It stands out for being so red yet being a spiral. It certainly isn't a tiny galaxy as it is 1.7 billion light years distant. It has to be one heck of a big galaxy. Is the red due to galactic reddening.

There are 3 asteroids in the image. The bright one near Arp 270 is (113736) 2002 TD155. Below it near the very bottom of the image is much fainter 2008 UU198. It was discovered only days before I took this image, though I didn't know this at the time. As indicated by its designation it was the 4970th asteroid discovered after October 15th and before November 1. These automatic systems are finding them rapidly! I took this image Oct. 31 UT. The third asteroid is directly west of the second and a bit fainter. It is 2003 WC175. So while fainter it was found almost 5 years earlier. It is faint as it is estimated, by the minor planet center, to be magnitude 19.7.


Arp's image of this pair with the 200" Hale telescope is at:

14" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10' RGB=2x10'x3, STL-11000XM, Paramount ME