Object name: NGC3631

Designation(s): NGC3631, SN2016bau,

The supernova 2016bau was discovered by Ron Arbour in the galaxy Arp 27, also known as NGC 3631, on the night of March 13, 2016UT. The galaxy is located in Ursa Major about 60 to 70 million light-years from earth. I measure the supernova at magnitude 15.1. I originally took a picture of this galaxy in 2010. It is a type 1b supernova, a massive star that explodes long after losing its outer envelope of hydrogen.

I used a current two luminance frame image to get the SN and merged that into the 2010 image. The result isn't great but it will have to do. I can't get the SN to blow again for me.

LX200R @ f/10, LRGB=2x10' RGB=2x10' (L cut short by clouds), STL-11000XM Paramount ME