Object name: NGC6339

Designation(s): NGC6339, CGCG225_097,

I\'ve had several twofer images for Arp galaxies, now it is a twofer for Arp-like galaxies. One I imaged intentionally, the other snuck in unannounced.

NGC 6339 is an SBd barred spiral galaxy in Hercules about 2.3 degrees due south of M92. It is about 100 million light-years distant. I put it in my Arp-like category due to the very different arms. The eastern arm that comes off the bar has two nice narrow streams of young blue hot stars and a short segment of a third all running parallel to each other though apparently not connected to the bar. The western arm is a single rather diffuse arm consisting of much older, longer lived stars though it too has an outer region of super hot blue stars. The bar itself seems unsymmetrical assuming the brightest knot is the core. If so most of the bar is east of the core. A very odd situation. It appears to have a very red companion well off the northern arm to the northeast. This near edge on spiral has a dust lane same as a normal blue spiral seen edge on. It is MCG +07-35-062. Like nearly all the thousand+ galaxies in this image, it has no redshift data. Is it a true companion or just a foreground or background galaxy? I found nothing useful on this. NGC 6339 was discovered by Lewis Swift on April 21, 1887.

Then serendipity struck:
I was about to call this one as not as interesting as I thought but then upon processing the image CGCG 225-097 at 380 million light-years got my attention at the bottom of the image. It has one heck of an odd plume running mostly north-south at a steep angle to the disk of the galaxy. This too would seem to be a worthy Arp galaxy. Is this a polar ring galaxy in the making? If so where\'s the material feeding the ring coming from? I found no papers on this oddball of a galaxy. Looks to be a spindle galaxy with an odd plume. Or is it another galaxy hiding behind the galaxy\'s disk? NED shows it as being only one galaxy, however. Anyone know of any papers on this strange object?

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10\' RGB=2x10\'x3, STL-11000XM, Paramount ME