Object name: NGC6504

Designation(s): NGC6504,

This is another early image when I wasn't writing much on the image or researching it. Below is what little I did have to say about it on a small list of friends I sent it to. I'll just add that it was discovered by Albert Marth on July 27, 1864. NED classifies it as S while Seligman says S??. It is located in Hercules.

Do you believe in flying saucers? No? Are you sure? Years ago this lake was listed in a highly touted book as one of the top 100 walleye lakes in Minnesota. Problem is they are as elusive as flying saucers. You meet folks whose neighbor knows a guy whose wife's brother caught one. I always said I'd believe in flying saucers when one landed in my yard and I'd believe in Mantrap walleye when I caught one. Then about 20 years ago I did catch one, one in 60 years of fishing this lake! Still, I now check my yard for flying saucers now and then. Seems the other night I caught one. At least it sure looks like one.

It's a bit too large to land in my backyard as it is a bit over 100,000 light-years across. Nor is it unidentified, being well known as NGC 6504, a galaxy a bit over 200 million light years from us and about the same size as our galaxy. So now I've seen something that looks like a flying saucer from my yard. It can be seen from any yard in the northern hemisphere and some in the southern as it is "flying" through the constellation of Hercules. There may even be aliens in the image. If so they are a bit below my resolution level!

14" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10' RGB=1x10'X3, STL=11000XM, Paramount ME