Object name: NGC7171

Designation(s): NGC7171,

NGC 7171 is in southern Aquarius almost on the border with Capricornus. It is also very near the ecliptic so I expected some asteroids. Thanks to the smoke at -13 degrees only 3 of them are visible in the image. The smoke did help seeing some but dimmed the image by over a magnitude. Note how the three trails I did catch vary due to the smoke and how faint they are. Normally 19th magnitude asteroids are a lot brighter than these.

The smoke also resulted in a rather underexposed image with lots of noise. I needed considerably more exposure time to smooth things out. Still, it came out better than I would have expected due to conditions. This is the next to the last image I took with heavy smoke. Unfortunately, while the smoke is finally history the clouds aren\'t. It\'s been mostly cloudy since the smoke cleared. I\'ve only managed two images in decent skies and they were taken the same night.

NGC 7171 was discovered by William Herschel on August 12, 1787, and is in the second H400 program. IC 1417 was discovered by Stephane Javelle on November 4, 1891. It is an Sb spiral by Seligman and Sb? sp Sy2 according to NED. NGC 7171 is SB(rs)b HII by NED and SBb? by Seligman. Seligman seems to like question marks.

Being at -13 degrees and not far from the Zone of Avoidance the field is poorly studied. I wanted to know more about LEDA 942584 but NED had little on it, not even a redshift. It looks interesting with its two well-defined arms. None of the other galaxies in the image but the NGC and IC galaxies have any info at NED. The only other object it has is what it says is a quasar right near IC 1417 by angular separation. The redshift for it is moot as to how it was determined but with only two significant digits for its redshift, I suspect it is photographic and may just be a field star. I included it as there was little else to annotate just note it may not be a quasar. Per NED 7 catalogs list it as a radio source and 5 list it as a quasar. It also has a few entries as an infrared source and an Xray source.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10\' RGB=2x10\', STL-11000XM, Paramount ME