Object name: NGC7563

Designation(s): NGC7563, NGC7559,

These two galaxies are in Pegasus under the Great Square. Both were discovered by William Herschel on October 19, 1784. Neither are in either of the H400 programs. NGC 7559 is classified as E0 by NED and E/S0 by Seligman. NGC 7563 as SBa by NED and SBa? by Seligman. Both have a similar redshift that puts them about 170 to 190 million light-years from us. They likely are related. Nothing I saw said they were interacting. A couple LEDA galaxies to the east have a similar distance estimate. They are dwarf galaxies, however. Assuming a distance of 180 million light-years I get a size for NGC 7559 of 63,000 light-years for NGC 7559 and 83,000 light-years for elongated NGC 7563. Little UGC 12463 is about 23,000 light-years in size.

This image is another severely hit by smoke that cost me over a magnitude eliminating many small distant galaxies I\'d normally pick up. Though most NED had data on were picked up. One galaxy I\'d hoped to get was LEDA 1424541 to the southwest of the NGC galaxies. It has an interesting faint outer spiral arm structure I just wasn\'t able to pull through the smoke. While the smoke cost faint details I believe the colors are reasonable for a change. The smoke particles didn\'t hit blue and green nearly as hard as earlier in this smoke fiasco.

Low surface brightness LEDA 214925 southeast of NGC 7563 had no redshift but seemed worth at least identifying so I did.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10 RB=2x10\' G=1x10\', STL-11000XM, Paramount ME