Object name: 2012LZ1

Designation(s): 2012LZ1,

Asteroid 2012 LZ1 taken 7 hours after closest passage to the earth on the morning of June 15. I had to wait until it was high enough in the sky from my location for a reasonably clear view. The movie covers 21 minutes of time in 20 one minute frames. It takes a few seconds to download each frame increasing the time slightly. It was discovered only 4 days prior to its closest approach. If it had been on a collision course even Bruce Willis wouldn't have had to time save those in its path. Fortunately, it missed my some 5.3 million miles. Not even a close one compared to others in recent history. Movie taken with a 14" F/10 LX200R scope on a Paramount ME tracking the asteroid without guiding. Image scale is 3.2" of arc per pixel.

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