Object name: BARNARD135

Designation(s): BARNARD135,

Barnard 135 is a dark nebula in southern Aquila. On the very left side of the image where a rather bright blue star is located is another darkening. That is Barnard 136. I didn\'t realize it was there so didn\'t frame it properly. Barnard\'s note on B 135 reads: \"Dusky spot; diam. 13\'; BD -4 4698 (magnitude 9.2) on N border; BD -4 4702\" (magnitude 9.2) on SE edge\" His note on B 136 reads: \"Dusky spot; diam. 13\'; BD -4 4698 (magnitude 9.2) on N border; BD -4 4702.\" While his note gives no size most catalogs list it\'s size at 8 minutes. In my image, it isn\'t nearly as dark as B 135.

However, this was taken through severe smoke which gave me lots of gradient issues. My attempt to compensate may be to blame. I just don\'t know. I had a link to some amateur site that listed how dark someone thought they were. I didn\'t always agree and not the site is gone.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10\' RB=2x10\' G=1x10\'



Alternate Designation(s): BARNARD135,