Object name: BERKELEY096

Designation(s): BERKELEY096,

Berkeley 96 is an open cluster in northern Lacerta. It is 10,000 light-years distant, reddened by 0.63 magnitudes and is quite young at 6.6 million years. That explains the rather blue stars even with the reddening. While most catalogs put it where I did in the center of my image, WEBDA moves it about 4 minutes west. There\'s a chain of small stars there that are mostly orange. That can\'t fit a cluster as young as they say. I have to assume they got the position wrong. Their image puts the cluster on the left edge of there 10\'x10\' image.

There are about 3 galaxies in the image listed at NED but none have any information, not even a magnitude let alone distance data. They are mostly star-like. For that reason and the lack of any asteroids, I didn\'t prepare an annotated image. The cropped image is at 1\" per pixel but the full frame is at 1.5\" per pixel to hold down the bandwidth. Also, no detail is lost with the lower image scale and it is still over a half meg in size.

This image was taken during a hole in the smoke so went together very easily. That is the three color images were in a hole. The second round of color was unusable. The luminance dimmed about a magnitude. But with good color data for a change, it was easy to process if I ignored it didn\'t go all that deep. Little would have been seen if it had so this is one smoke image that turned out well.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10\' RGB=1x10\', STL-11000ME, Paramount ME


Alternate Designation(s): BERKELEY096,