Object name: GN20.16.3.02

Designation(s): GN20.16.3.02,

GN is a small reflection nebula surrounded by the much larger DB 82/IC1318A. The field is located in Cygnus about 1.8 degrees northeast of Sadr I couldn\'t find anything on the reflection nebula, not even a distance estimate. Most put the nebula associated with Sadr at 2000 to 5000 light-years. But how the reflection nebula relates to the HII region isn\'t mentioned. I suspect the reflection nebula is due to a bright star embedded within the HII region.

There is a dark nebula or patch southwest of the reflection nebula. I wasn\'t able to find it in any catalog though it is quite obvious. Less obvious is the much larger dark area to the NE of the reflection nebula just beyond the edge of the brighter red nebulosity. It is rather round with a bright blue star seen against it. It is DOBASHI 2453. Just above it is a larger dark region which is DOBASHI 2465. On my right edge is a line of 4 bright stars with a scattering of fainter ones behind the group. This is the open star cluster [FSR2007] 0226.

My limited field doesn\'t begin to see all of IC 1318A. For that see Jim Thommes excellent wide-field view of the nebula at http://jthommes.com/Astro/IC1318NW.htm . His image uses a lot of HII data which I didn\'t take. His annotated image shows a lot of the identifications of the bright nebula within IC 1318A.

This is yet another severely smoke damaged images. I took the green data when a denser cloud went over so it was very weak. I was able to use only one of the green frames and it was much weaker than the blue filter. Blue was hit too hard for eXcalibrator to salvage so I had to sort of fake the blue then use it to help the green. That means my color is very highly suspect but at least it looks fairly good. Also, the smoke caused some severe halos around all but the redder stars. I spent most of a day dealing with the halos. Oddly they weren\'t seen in the RGB frames but were in all luminance frames. After taking the luminance I had to stop as the smoke was too thick for even the red filter. After an hour it cleared enough to take the color frames but hit again when taking the green data. By then I was in bed and didn\'t know it was clobbered. This one may be worth revisiting once the clouds and smoke go away. New fire in California is sending more smoke my way. Last I heard it had zero containment. It started well after this object was taken but means once the clouds clear I\'m still likely seeing smoke.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=4x10\', RB=2x10\', G=1x10\' (weak), STL-11000XM, Paramount ME


Alternate Designation(s): GN20.16.3.02,