Object name: LDN0810

Designation(s): LDN0810,

LDN 810 is a dark nebula in Vulpecula right on the border with Cygnus which is in the upper right of my image. Note the obscuring dust cloud continues north out of my frame. In the center of LDN 810 is the reflection nebula GN LDN 810 is seen in IR light to be the birth ground of stars hidden by dust in visible light. I found a rather wide range of distance values for it in 4 different papers:
Herbst & Turner 1976 4900 to 6500 light-years
Neckel & Staude 1990 6500 +/- 1000 light-years
Turner 1986 8100 light-years +/- 650 light-years
Xie & Goldsmith 1990 8100 light-years with no error bar indicated

It appears to be moving away far faster than the speed of light by those estimates. Of course, that\'s due to better data, or I hope so. From the above, it is likely safe to say the distance is at least 8100 light-years.

LDN 810 is on the western edge of SH2-92 which provides the faint red background, especially to the east and northeast in my image. LDN 810 appears to lie in front of SH2-92 as well as most of the stars of the Milky Way in this part of the sky. My limited color data wasn\'t sufficient to pick up but a hint of H alpha color. I needed far more frames. I took them but my typical 2012 weather made most of them unusable. I picked the best two for each color though the green frames were all rather useless.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, L=10x10\' RGB=2x10\', STL-11000XM

Alternate Designation(s): LDN0810,