Object name: SH2

Designation(s): SH2, 282, LBN978,

Sh2-282 is an emission nebula excited by HD 47432, an O9 star which is the bright star that gave me fits in the upper left of the image. It seems to be surrounded by a faint bubble or maybe just an arc of HII emission. I thought it part of the horrid reflection it gave me but it is real. Galaxy map puts it about 5000 light years distant one place and another says it is about 4000 light years away. Take your pick. I can\'t fit it all into my frame so picked the more interesting, to me at least, part to include. Galaxy map says it contains 8 cometary globules. What I see are lots of dense shock fronts all pointing right to the exciting star.

This is an HaLRGB image. HA was added to the luminosity data using the lighten mode. It was added at 80% to the red image, 10% to the green and 20% blue also using lighten mode. Stars were removed from the H alpha image before the blend so are pure LRGB. The image is noisy. I needed considerable more H alpha time. If I find time to get more I\'ll rework it. This data is from last January.

Due to the noise and lack of fine detail, I\'ve reduced this one to 1.5\" per pixel. It fits monitors better at this size as well.

14\" LX200R @ f/10, Ha=3x30\' L=4x10\' RGB=2x10\'x3, STL-11000XM, Paramount ME